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What does LGBTTIQQ2SA stand for? 

The famous acronym started as LGBT. Over the years it's grown to LGBTQ, LGBTQ+ and beyond.

We use the most updated acronym of LGBTTIQQ2SA that stands for









                       Two -Spirit


While LGBTTIQQ2SA is a very specific acronym, we welcome everyone with a positive, open & encouraging mindset.

What do I do about hate?

While we do everything in our power to foster a fun, respectful atmosphere at our events, it's realized that individuals with other motives may attend.


We ask that everyone ignore hate and only celebrate love and good vibes. If we don't feed that hate, they lose their audience. Of course federal and provincial laws still apply and any unlawful behavior should be reported to local authorities immediately

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We welcome LGBTTIQQ2SA

and everyone with a positive, open  & encouraging mindset.

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