Innisfil Pride Team

About our Team

Innisfil Pride was created by Jake Tucker after realizing the need and want for Pride within the Innisfil area. After careful consideration and conversations with Amanda Wattie for over a year, he enlisted her help to make his vision a reality. Our team's growing quickly and we're all dedicated to the support and growth of Innisfil Pride.


Our main priority is the parade. Secondary priorities include creating fun and inviting social events around town.


The Innisfil Pride team are a reflection of our values: we were created to support LGBTTIQQ2SA, we welcome everyone with a positive, open and encouraging mindset. As such, members of our team may not identify as LGBTTIQQ2SA, but are advocates and supporters of equal love for all.

Innisfil Pride Team

Jake Tucker


Amanda Wattie

Co-Founder, Marketing & PR

Suzanne Hunter


Sarah Doherty


We welcome LGBTTIQQ2SA

and everyone with a positive, open  & encouraging mindset.

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